SpellBee International has helped 4000+ Schools and 1 Million+ Students since 2010 and envisions impacting the World by helping Schools to set up an ENGLISH LANGUAGE ECO-SYSTEM.

To impact the World in a Bigger Way, SpellBee is looking for contributors from all involved Stakeholders and is ready to serve and connect 1200 Schools, 120000 Self Learning Students, 12000 SpellBee Young Student Teacher, 1200 SpellBee Parent Volunteer, and 120 SpellBee Teachers.

This year SpellBee International Pvt Ltd Aims to help 1200 Schools set up ENGLISH Language Eco-System for the year 2023-2024.

First-time SpellBee International, in association with Digital SpellBee Limited, is introducing an incomprehensible support system that allows parents to fulfil their CHILD’S English Mastery SpellBee Course and Competition ONLY for Private Independent Open Registration Parents.

Digital SpellBee Limited specialises in helping parents give their children a personalised education through 121 Personalised Admission, 121 Personalised Support, and 121 Personalised SpellBee Teachings.

SpellBee will take ONLY 120000 Registration pan India for Level-By-Level Self Preparation through Private Registration with 121 SpellBee Support.

SpellBee will take ONLY 12000 pan India for 121 Teachings Students through YoungBee & AdultBee Programme.

SpellBee will take ONLY 1200 pan India for Private Independent Parents and Students mentored through KINGBee Programme.

SpellBee will take ONLY 120 pan India for Aspiring SpellBee Student Grandmasters, Parent Volunteers and SpellBee Teachers for KINGBee Programme.


SpellBee International Pvt Ltd, in association with Digital SpellBee Limited (Online Partner), presents the 2023-2024 SpellBee Online Admission for Schools, aspiring SpellBee Teachers, individual parents, and interested associates.

Hurray! Thank you for expressing interest in participating in our SpellBee International Programme. SpellBee 2023-2024 Admissions for Schools, Teachers, Parents, and Associates will be open from June 15th, 2023, to June 30th, 2023.

GOOD NEWS! Our Founders Day offer has been ongoing since June 15th, 2023. Register before June 30th, 2023, or until seats last for the first 120 registrants and avail of a 15% discount on all products.

STAGE 0: SpellBee Enquiry Form – YOU ARE HERE!
1. Enquire about the SLE SpellBee Programmes and express your interest –
2. Contact our SpellBee Associate for Clarification (Check Thank You Page in the Post Submitting SpellBee Enquiry form)

STAGE 1: SpellBee Application Form
1. Complete the SpellBee SLE PROGRAMME 2023-2024 Application Form – (Check Thank You Page in the Post Submitting SpellBee Enquiry form or Contact SpellBee Associate given on the Thank Page)

STAGE 2: SpellBee Registration Form
1. Pay and register for SpellBee SLE Programmes (Check the Thank You Page after submitting the SpellBee Application form or contact the SpellBee Associate).
1. 15% Offer Link
2. Standard Price Link

STAGE 3: SpellBee Onboarding (Will be shared post-registration)
1. Connect with the SpellBee Virtual Assistant
2. Join the SpellBee Exclusive 121 <> Telegram Group
3. Receive the Welcome Kit within 3-7 Days

STAGE 4: SpellBee Support System
1. Connect with the 121 SpellBee Teacher
2. Connect with the SpellBee Course Coordinator
3. Connect with the SpellBee Assessment

STAGE 5: SpellBee Community
1. Join our WhatsApp Community
2. Join our Telegram Channel
3. Join Exclusive SpellBee Community Channels and Group

Instruction: We facilitate the SpellBee 2023-2024 Admission Process through the Telegram App. If you do not have the Telegram app, we kindly request you download it and create a new account.

1. You can download Telegram for iOS from the App Store –
2. Telegram for Android from Google Play –, AND
3. Telegram for Web App from –

Note: We prefer Telegram App over WhatsApp as it gives more options to customize the Group for a better learning Experience. You will witness this when you join the Telegram App.

Contact WhatsApp Chat ONLY Support

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