International level results for the Year 2021 -22

International level results for the Year 2021 -22

for all 9 grades are out! Log in your student portal and check your scores. Certificates and Medals will be couriered to your respective schools.

SpellBee International, with galvanizing gaiety and gusto, declares the results of its International Championship on 14th April, 2022. The last two years have been truly “game-changing” for them and their students. The pandemic brought many longstanding competitions and events to a shuddering halt. However SpellBee International never ceased to be of service to the Schools and Students, as they soldiered on through the unprecedented headwinds. An Educators Council was instituted to train the Teachers on tech-enabled teaching, rubrics, assessment, etc. A Parents Council was also instituted with periodical live sessions to equip them to productively engage their children. New variants emerged. Newer methods and models were introduced!

At this juncture, SpellBee International bows in profound gratitude to all the members of the academia for persistently persevering and for their progressive pedagogic partnership.

The International Level results of this year have been truly remarkable. In the Indian subcontinent, students from both the urban and rural demographics had made it till the finals! The performance of elementary-class children was better than middle- and higher-class students in terms of points secured and number of Toppers at all State, National and International Levels. In-video tie breakers for all Levels were conducted to determine the Winners among Toppers. The International Level Exam was organised in TATA’s TCS iON platform.

A whopping 29 winners of the International Level (from Grades 1 to 9) are being inducted to their Hall of Fame this year. The state of Maharashtra has produced maximum winners, closely followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Students from Qatar, United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Malaysia had also participated. One student from Mexico and one student from Switzerland have finished in the Winners (Top 10) Category and many from Qatar have emerged as Secondary Toppers. All the participants are being awarded with Category-based Medals and Certificates.

Year after year, SpellBee International enhances several thousands of students’ linguistic skills via its SLEP (Strategic Language Enhancement Programme) – a holistic language development programme. Without gala shows, media collaborations and long or obsolete words, SpellBee International will continue to build strong foundational English among young learners for their academic and career success.