An exclusive one-of-a-kind, online coaching system is made available to our learners wherein immersive, explanatory videos have been crafted by all the subject specialists behind this programme along with other international mentors.

There will also be assignments and live webinars wherein the learners can have a lively question and answer session with the subject specialists simulating a live classroom atmosphere albeit at a national level, along with learners from every part of the country and our international students too.

There will be page-to-page coaching and in-depth explanation of the vocabulary, grammar, phonetical and other concepts.  This also entails mock tests which readies the students to ace the real exams with ease.  Our learners shall also get a Course Completion Certification at the end of this programme.

Those who have enrolled under SLEP (Comprehensive model at  Rs.6000/Rs.3600) shall have phased access to these videos from Inter-School Level till they compete at the International Level (Level 4).  Those students who have enrolled under the Competition model can also gain access to these videos when they qualify and register for the International Level (Level 4)


The Primany objective is the completion of the whole programme (all the 4 levels) and gain comprehensive linguistic knowledge

Preparatory Books

The 4 books of the 4 Levels and one collectible hardbound Young Learner’s Dictionary will be provided as and when they complete a Level and progress to the next

Coaching Support

Mentorship from Day 1 till the successful completion, via Online Coaching Sessions – i) Round-wise Sessions, ii) 4 interactive LIVE Sessions from the authors of the Preparatory Books and with our international research associates for every Level

Other value-added services

Personalised and timely inputs ensure completion of every Level.  If a student fails to score above the cut-off score, specialized coaching and mock practice exams will be offered to ensure their understanding and mastery of the content, at no extra cost.


The student will be productively engaged throughout the academic year.


An immersive and complete year-long journey will guarantee an integrated acquisition of linguistic skills and expression.

Rewards & Recognitions

Rs.35 lakh worth prizes await the winners and toppers. A course Completion Certificate (highlighting cumulative performance) will also be provided for all at the time of completion.


A one-time payment of Rs.6000 (toward all  the 4 Levels’ Preparatory books+ Complete Coaching + Examination Fee + Assessment + Certification