To unleash students’ personal potential, showcase their skills and make them gain substantial knowledge as they learn, perform, QUALIFY and progress through the 4 levels.

Preparatory Books

The level 1 books is provided first.  The 3 books of the highter Levels anad one collectible hardbound Young Learner’s Dictionary will be provided on successful qualification and registration to the respective Levels

Coaching Support

Four Virtual Walk through videos of all the Four Levels’ books, to understand the content of the books and and interactive Phonetic Chart to master Phonetics

Other value-added services

An Online Language Leadership Camp for the qualifiers of Level 4 that offers: i) Round-wise Sessions, ii) 4 interactive LIVE Sessions with the authors of the Preparatory Books and with our international research associates (fee-based and optional)


Depends on the individual student’s successful progress from Level 1 to Level 4


The student acquires knowledge and skills in all the Rounds s/he completes: eg: Pronunciation (Phonetics), Comprehension (Reading Comprehension), Syntax (Find & Form the Correct Sentence), Reasoning (Presenting an Argument)

Rewards & Recognitions

Rs.35 lakh worth prizes await the winners and toppers. A course Completion Certificate (highlighting cumulative performance) will also be provided for students who complete level 4 and for all at the time of completion.


A student can enter by paying Rs.400 only towards Level 1 Registration = Book + Assessment + Certification.  Registration for higher Levels (based on successful qualification only) L2 – Rs.500/- L3 – Rs.600