School Registration Year 2023-24

School Registration for the Academic Year 2023 - 2024

We heartily appreciate and acknowledge your decision to enrol the students of your School for this year’s SLEP 2023. On school registration, a SCHOOL CODE will be generated and shared to you. You can share this code with the parents of your students who can enrol via the link: They can either choose to register with Rs. 690 (towards Level 1 only) or with Rs. 4900 (towards all 4 Levels).

For programme details- please refer to the Principal Brochure.

Teacher’s Complimentary Programme: Access to participate in Monthly Educators Council Meeting which is a think tank to ignite ideas, brainstorm research findings. Parents too will get invites for monthly webinars to get updates and coaching inputs!

(We request a minimum of 100 student registrations to enable us to provide and maintain all our support services)

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School Registration 2023 - 2024
I am/We are the school's representative(s) acting on behalf of the School to register for SpellBee International's SLEP programme 2023- 2024. I/We understand we shall receive a confirmation email with our SCHOOL CODE and further assistance from your Customer Relations Department *
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