SpellBee International Who we are


SpellBee International is an educational research organisation which is currently serving around 4000+  schools across India and Sri Lanka with its English language development products and has certified around a million students on vocabulary development is the past 12 years.

The institution was founded by a team of social engineers and volunteers who are driven by their passion for reformation in the system of education. With two decades of their experience, SpellBee International was launched in 2010 for the empowerment of students so as to equip them with better language skills to acquire encyclopaedic knowledge.


To serve institutions & individuals with a well-researched, organised and appealing educational product of high standards which will set a benchmark in the industry.


To make Language Learning a joyous process and thereby help students learn complex subjects in a simple way.

The Need

Three-fourths of our children, by virtue of their lack in linguistic competencies, go unrecognised or worse yet are misjudged and considered as failures. In a world where knowledge acquisition is impossible without mastery in language, we have taken it up as our mission to build strong foundational English among young learners.



To create online and offline platforms for schools and educators to access, utilize and benefit from SpellBee International’s research outputs and other educational resources like books, classroom tools and courses.

To expand our reach nationally and globally collaborating with coaches, mentors and educators by providing strategic, advisory and execution support. To reach one million students by 2025 through digital programmes with engaging content for the end users, in partnership with Digital Spellbee and TATA’s TCS iON.

What do we do?

We DEVELOP linguistic abilities in children at the grass-roots level to appreciate and analyse the role of language in everyday life. We SIMPLIFY complex linguistic concepts so that children not only KNOW, but also USE the words. We encourage systematic learning of the language from the basics: from formation of roots, pronunciation, word combinations, contextual clues, sentence formation, comprehension and reasoning, to presenting arguments and having debates/discussions. With SpellBee International as their learning partners, acquiring encyclopaedic knowledge is a given!

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