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Harry Potter

One of my favourite books is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. It is a story about Harry Potter, an orphan boy brought up by his aunt and uncle as his parents were killed when he was a baby. Harry is unloved by his uncle and aunt but everything changes when he is invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Some of Harry’s first-year adventures are making new friends (Hagrid, Ron and Hermione), standing up to the torments of school bully Draco Malfoy, and becoming the star player of his Quidditch team (a favourite sport in the magical world). Harry’s life as a Hogwarts “first-year” is more interesting than that of most attendees, because he is already famous for surviving the attack of the evil Lord Voldemort, who tried to kill him as an infant. Everyone in the wizard world knows more about Harry’s family and his story than he himself does. His adventures begin when he and his new friends Hermione and Ron attempt to uncover the mystery about The Philosopher’s stone.

I read this book in my summer holidays. At that time my full time job is to read this book. Daily my day started with reading this book. While and after reading the book , I wondered.

What if there is a real magical world!

What if I go to Hogwarts!

What if I meet friends like Hermione and Ron!

What if I wave a wand and learn magic!

What if I fly in a broomstick!

What if I have adventures like Harry has etc….

At the end of the book I came to love the characters. I like all the characters but my favourite is Hermione Jean Granger.

All the characters, teachers, students and bad guys alike have truly believable personalities. All of us have known a spoilt, overweight boy like Dudley, or a bossy and interfering (yet kind-hearted) girl like Hermione, or a Chess Player like Ron in our life.

There is never a dull moment in the book, whether it’s battling with trolls, a three-headed dog or Harry facing Lord Voldemort. Even I have read the book more than ten times and it’s still not boring. Such an amazing book which will not let you keep the book down once you have started. So I would definitely recommend Harry Potter for everyone. All books of the series are Great. If you haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, you are missing out a best series ever. Not only books, movies are also good but not as much as books. And many of the characters in books are not in movies. So In my opinion Books are best of all ….. So Must read Harry Potter, Then you will also be a Potterhead like me.

Deekshaya Sri S,

Class VIII / B, Vetri Vikaas Public School (CBSE)

Hello, Universe

Have you ever heard the sounds of the universe? Have you read the world’s letters, passed on from “soul to soul”? If you have, then this book by Erin Entrada Kelly is just for YOU!

It speaks of how fate, in an uncanny way brings together fourstudents in a truly fateful way. Virgil, who is an introvert and misunderstood, finds his destiny and starts a life-changing friendship with Valencia, a girl who knows her mind. All this is easy enough to believe. But would you believe me if I told you that this was all brought together by Kaori Tanaka, a staunch believer of the power of fate and Chet, the biggest and dumbest bully of the neighbourhood?

And all this time, the universe was pulling its strings in the most mysterious and delicate ways possible. Who else but Destiny itself could have intervened on such an occasion! You will believe all this when you yourself read and start feeling the magic of the universe that some friendships are meant to be there. This amazing book by Erin Entrada Kelly is not Virgil, Kaori, Valencia or Chet’s story. It’s yours and mine. We all receive letters from the universe but not all of us are good at opening them. So, get ready to enjoy this beautifully written book for all age-group readers. Happy reading the book and happy reading letters of the universe written to you!

Anusha Shukla,

Class VIB, 11 years, Satya Prakash Public School, Jabalpur.

Mr. Gum

Mr. Gum, a funny seven series book is written by Andy Stanton and presented by David Tazzyman. The book has a villain-cum-funny character, who is no one else than Mr.Gum. He is a big mess. He doesn’t like good people, cleanliness and everything which is good. His house!

It is so dirty that whoever sees his house will describe it every day and every night, such an indelible house!

BUT a young girl Polly and her super dog and Friday O’Leary are always there to save the Town Lamonic Bieber. We will now see a few more characters.

Mrs Lovely: She is a shop owner and the person who always make Mr. Gum crazy

Friday O Leary: He is a secret agent and helps Polly in all situations Billy William The Third: A non- sense weird butcher who is always supporting Mr Gum

Old Granny, Martin Laundrette, Mr.Fat and Alan Taylor are some other funny people with funny habits.

It is necessary to read book to know about funny words that Billy uses and many more funniest things, creatures and habits!

Prisha Parikh

The 1,000 Year Old Boy

This is a magnificent story and it keeps you hooked for hours together. It is a thriller book and very mysterious too.

The story is about a boy whose name is Alfie Monk. His father had found five livperler (life pearls) from which he used one on himself. His mother also used a livperler on herself. To use the livperler you have to make a cut on your arm almost like an equals (=) sign horizontally. Then pull the wound apart a little. After that, crack the life pearl and put its juice in the wound. Rub it in and your aging process stops hence stops you from getting older.. But, you can still die by natural causes or during a battle. To restart the aging process again, do the same steps.

So, Alfie’s father died trying to protect the life pearls and his wife, his son and his son’s cat, Biffa. Now, Alfie along with his mother and cat had to go into hiding. When Alfie was 11 years old, he used a life pearl on himself and his cat. He remained a tweenager boy for a thousand years and maybe more.

The book is about the hardships his mother and himself had to take on to survive for more than a millennium, but after a few tragedies, he wanted to stop and grow up like normal people do. I would definitely recommend this book to people who like thriller and mystery stories. I read it in one go, I’m sure they will too.

Idhant Rajesh,

Lok Puram Public School,
Thane (West).

Featured Article of the Month

MY NON – HUMAN FAMILY Garima Jain, Navrachana, Vadodara, Gujarat
I have another family.
Which is a non-human family.
My mother is blue and green,the only earth.
Which distributes sweets and happiness on every birth.
As there is a birth every two minutes,
On Earth,the happy moments never finish….

My father is “the heart touching nature”
Which saves me from every kind of mind failure.
Seeing the nature, I stop being demotivated
And from myself, I throw away, the feeling of hatred.
These were my father and mother which are my
happiness,courage and also my power.

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