HS4A (Human Security for All)

A SpellBee International and WAAS Joint Action Campaign for Human Security for All (HS4A)

The “C2C Classroom to Communities” fluency enhancement programme by SpellBee International is aligned with the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS) and the United Nations UNTFHS campaign, Human Security for All (HS4A). Exclusive to schools adopting the ‘Curriculum Integration’ model with SpellBee, complete guidance and training are provided for teachers and students. Schools not following this model are required to pay a special enrolment fee for certification, guidance, and training for each participating student in selected activities.

This is an initiative set to revolutionise the educational landscape by shaping students into future global leaders through a multifaceted approach that hones vital skills and nurtures essential human qualities, and also develops the fluency part of English language along the way.

This visionary project aims to enhance students’ critical thinking, character development, and global perspective through activities focusing on listening, reading, speaking, writing, and understanding local and global issues. These include environment, economics, and the 8 securities promoted by the HS4A global campaign.

The “C2C Classroom to Communities” programme fosters socially conscious leaders, empowering students to navigate future challenges with purpose and character. It bridges school and community life, preparing children for the realities of the world.

How can a school participate in C2C?

Step 1

Confirm your school’s participation in this complimentary fluency building programme with our SpellBee International’s coordinator through the school’s official email id.

Step 2

Receive access to our wide-ranging list of 62 internationally recognised days, hereinafter referred to as ‘Campaign Engagement Days’ wherein the school can choose the particular dates when they can conduct activities for the same.

Step 3

The school shall receive a comprehensive Teachers’ Manual on what kind of activities can be conducted on the selected Campaign Engagement Days.

Step 4

The school shall also receive an exclusive coaching session from SpellBee International to equip their teachers and students with the tools and knowledge to actively engage in this global movement.

Step 5

The school shall conduct the chosen activities on the chosen day(s) and submit the results (original art works/blogs/video logs/video pledges/photographs) in the manner detailed in the Teachers’ Manual.

Step 6

The chosen submissions shall be published in the prestigious journals/newsletters of the campaign, including the social media handles of both HS4A and SpellBee International, celebrating the involvement of the school and its students.

What does the school get?

Apart from the exhilaration of seeing its students participate in a global movement, the participating school also receives the following:

All participating schools will be provided a display certificate acknowledging their participation in the campaign and their sustained efforts to secure Human Security for All. All participating students will get an e-certificate confirming their involvement and participation.
The participating teachers will also be awarded with certificates highlighting their role in the Human Security Project
The distinguished Heads of Institutions, based on their interest and involvement in this campaign, shall be designated as the Human Security Ambassadors of the campaign.

What kind of activities does this campaign encompass?

The distinguished Heads of Institutions, based on their interest and involvement in this campaign, shall be designated as the Human Security Ambassadors of the campaign.

01 - Public Speaking Workshops
02 - Creative Writing Competitions
03 - Art Exhibitions and Contests
04 - Green Technology Demonstrations
05 - Mock Parliament Debates (Grade 6 and above)
06 - Moot Court Competitions
07 - SpellBee Model United Nations Stimulation (SMUN)
08 - Listening Comprehension through Audiobooks
09 - Documentary Screenings & Discussions
10 - Inclusive Art Workshops
11 - Photography Competitions
12 - Debate Clubs and Competitions
13 - Critical Thinking Workshops
14 - Environmental Awareness Campaigns
15 - Writing Reports
Commentaries (Grades 7 and above)


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