Rounds of SLEP

1. Spell it Right

A word bank of age-appropriate, cherry-picked 1000 words - to know how to correctly spell and pronounce words - tested via dictation, to strengthen phonemic awareness

2. Word Analysis

A set of root words to understand and master word combinations by chunking. To weave new words with the learnt root words and guess correctly the meanings of even unfamiliar words-trained and tested to have an exponential understanding and grasp of words

3. Inflections and Collocations

Different forms of words and frequently used word combinations and phrases - to know proper word usage according to the sentence's context - tested to master word grammar and appropriate word applications and combinations

4. Find the Correct Sentence

101 grammar concepts for every grade - also supplemented with easy-to-understand explanations-tested to know the nuances of sentence construction and spotting the errors and avoid making errors in sentences

5. General Knowledge

Literature-based GK containing questions from age-appropriate story books and authors, and interesting literary devices - to trigger them to read extensively, and write original works with intense passion and creativity

10. Crossword

Solving theme-based word-clue crosswords and picture-clue crosswords to identify and retrieve learned words based on their meanings, sounds, etc. enhancing verbal ability skills

9. Reading Comprehension

Understanding any and all types of written information with unique exercises on poems, product labels, letters, news articles, dialogues, posters - to read, reflect, research and understand-to cultivate data interpretation and logical reasoning skills

8. Phonetics

Learning the speech sounds and proper articulation to understand silent letters, homophones, short vs. long sounds, subtle sound differences with example words to perfect pronunciation and fine tune diction

7. Form the Correct Sentence

Unjumbling the sentence fragments and putting them in the correct order, and finding the correct word to fix a sentence -to master word order in sentences based on the types of sentences. (S+V+0 = We are happy - Declarative; V+S+O - Are we happy? - Interrogative)

6. Words and Meanings

Systematic, phase-wise learning of the meanings of all 1000 words with the help of pictures in every page and Hangman gamet - to develop context-based usage of words for a rich and active vocabulary

11. Word Weaving

Word wheels, word stairs and word combo exercises to guess, build and spot words based on pictures/meanings - to build vocabulary strength by choosing and using right and relevant words

12. Compound Words and Kinds/Types of Words

The different categories and classes of words to know, understand the formation of words in English, and master words with an understanding of their creation, category and characteristics

13. Synonyms and Antonyms

Learning to choose and apply a word's alternative word correct synonym or antonym suiting the context of the sentences they appear in - for excellent conversational and written English

14. Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs

Phrases (literal and figurative), interesting idioms and internationally relevant proverbs to have native speaker-like understanding of the language and create creative and compelling communications- both formal and informal

15. Presenting an Argument

Unjumbling and ordering the sentences of a poem / speech / report / argument / story / review /process/biography etc.- to logically analyse and use appropriate ordering strategies based on the goal of communication: to narrate/notify/ negotiate, etc.


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