Actions, Steps and Guidelines


Step 01

Offline Registration (preferred mode): The school can distribute the Student Registration Forms (SRF) to the students and courier the filled-in registration forms along with total collected fee to SpellBee International Private Limited via NEFT/IMPS/Demand Draft. Online Registration (optional mode): The school can contact us for an exclusive registration link for its students. This link can be passed to the students via a circular through school's website, WhatsApp groups, etc.


Step 02

A unique SPIN ID for every contestant will be sent to the registered email address of the student, and the consolidated list of all students with their SPIN IDs will be sent to the school. SPIN ID is to log in to student's portal in our website and check exam results and to play Round-based games like Hangman Game, Phonetics in Playstore.


Step 03

The preparatory books will be sent to the Schools to be distributed to the students.


Step 04

Access to our 24/7 Digital learning platform with individual login for each student will be created and shared with the students in 72 hours. E-book(s) and coaching videos of their Rounds are uploaded here. Periodical live interactive sessions/boot camps will also be conducted and the recording of live sessions will also be uploaded to the Digital learning platform.


Step 05

On a mutually arrived convenient date, offline/online exam for Level I will be conducted based on the method opted by the School considering the prevailing circumstances.


Step 06

Post assessment, the results will be sent to the school and uploaded in our website's student portal as well.


Step 07

All the contestants will be awarded with numbered, hologrammed and Graded Certificates. The Certificates will be Category-based: Accomplishment, Achievement in distinction, Merit Plus, Merit, Appreciation(based on their performance). Class Toppers, School Toppers and Interschool Toppers will be awarded with Medals. The Certificates and Medals will be sent to the School.


LEVEL 2,3 & 4

Step 08

SpellBee Excel Plus registrants can register for higher levels on successful completion of the previous level(s). Registration can be either online/offline, as directed by the School. SpellBee Intense students will progressively proceed to L2, L3 and L4 with consistent monitoring and support.


Step 09

The Preparatory Books containing additional rounds will be sent to the School.


Step 10

L2 & L3 Exams will be conducted on agreed dates, online/offline as Level 1 Exam. International Level (L4) Competition will be conducted via TATA's TCS ION Proctored Centers on 16th March 2025


Step 11

The results will be sent to the School through email and the same will also be posted in our student portal.


Step 12

Medals for Winners and Certificates for all students highlighting their category and performance-based grade will be sent to the School for distribution.



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