SpellBee International is registered under the Trademarks Act, 1999 and legally is the sole owner of the name “SPELLBEE”. SLEP focuses on more than just spellings. It provides age-appropriate content on vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, root words, literature world, reading comprehension, pragmatics, etc. to give students a strong foundation and an early exposure to the many aspects of English that is usually not part of the school’s syllabus.

No, our programme is open to all countries as the programmes are designed to be globally neutral. Currently we have students from 10+ other countries participating in SLEP.

From Grade 1 onwards, and until Grade 9 ideally. A student who completes nine years would have a matchless mastery of the language and all its nuances.

Students who take the programme for the first time, gain a lot of knowledge as they are introduced to various new concepts. However, when the programme is taken for additional years, they can witness significant improvement in their English and hence in their academic performance as well.

The L1, L2, L3 competitions can be conducted online/ offline, based on the prevailing circumstances, at the time of the exam, in concurrence with the school’s preference. However, 14 will be conducted at TCS ION proctored centers.

Yes, we provide grade-specific coaching videos as well as LIVE Bootcamp / webinars at all levels. Our pre-recorded coaching videos are available in the Digital Learning Platform to watch anytime and our LIVE interactive webinars wil be conducted over ZOOM on a regular basis.

Online coaching such as video coaching and LIVE webinars are complimentary services that are a part of SLEP. For the holistic understanding and linguistics skills development, we have devised the system of books + coaching + testing + assessment.

It includes the fees for registration, preparatory book(s), E-book(s); access to digital learning platform, video coaching, live webinars, phonetics chart; examination, assessment, certification, rewards and recognitions, etc.

Once we receive the registrations, we will provide the Digital learning platform access to students within 72 hours. Through this platform, students can start the course by accessing the E-books, coaching videos, etc. The preparatory books for registered students will be delivered to the school in 15 working days.

The International level examination will be on March 16th, 2025. For Interschool to National level, the examination dates will be communicated to the school. However, students will have an ample 21-30 days to prepare for each examination.

Not necessarily. All examinations from Interschool to National level will be conducted online/ offline this year and can be taken from home/ school as per the school’s decision. However, the International level exam wil be an online exam conducted via TATA’s TCS ION platform.


Absolutely, for Schools that implement our programme as a co-curricular activity for all its students or for certain specific grades (with 600+ registrations) we provide additional coaching support for Teachers, classroom activities and games, sessions, etc. For more details, please contact your SpellBee Coordinator.

Apart from strengthening their vocabulary, fine-tuning their linguistic skills, enhancing fluency in their communicative English; the programme also builds strong foundational English required to top any verbal ability like in UPSC test or competitive exams such as IELTS, TOEFL GRE, GMAT, etc with

We host Educator’s Council Meeting every month, where we deliver interactive webinars on topics relating to Education. This is open to all teachers. To those schools who adopt the ‘whole-school model’, we provide additional services such as training their teachers, etc.


Besides the delight of witnessing much expected improvement in their child’s English. the parents can also participate in our monthly Parents Council sessions that are conducted on a wide range of pertinent topics.