WHAT IS SpellBee International?

Strategic Language Enhancement Programme (SLEP)

SpellBee International’s Strategic Language Enhancement Programme (SLEP) offers students the chance to unlock the power of language like never before. This comprehensive course in English vocabulary and language development is exclusively designed for school-going students and takes the form of a thrilling national and international competition that will push students to new heights.

SLEP’s knowledge products are meticulously designed to be systematic, sequential, and age-appropriate, taking an immersive and activity-based approach that caters to all learning styles. With scholarly materials that are both informative and globally neutral, students can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality education. SLEP equips students with the tools and confidence to succeed in any language-based setting.


OF SpellBee International

Our exclusive partnership with Digital Spellbee provides access to affordable exams and mock tests, opening a world of possibilities.