Parent of ANURADHA NIKHIL - 3 A, The Bishop's Co-ed School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
At the very outset we would like to congratulate the Spellbee International institute for the motivating and commendable efforts put in to organize this event. Such a competition always lightens the brains of little ones. Make the child understand the scope of each level in the competition. They should know what is to be studied and the relevance of each chapter. Acquaint them with few videos on Spellbee competitions on your website which give very good insight while competing. Give the children timelines to finish particular portions of the syllabus. Make the child understand that every word should be put into a sentence to know how it is used and applied. Write down every word once in their own handwriting to reduce chances of spelling mistakes. Even after the competitions have been left behind, these books are of great use to children to increase their vocabulary.