Naavya Sukesh Shetty, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Maharashtra Once, Life and Death, Spoke to one another- Death complaining about The tricks of the other.Death said that people feared him And loved Life most of all. Although Life would treacherously leave And then Death would embrace all. He felt that life ought not Claim all of […]


Garima Jain, Navrachana, Vadodara, Gujarat I have another family. Which is a non-human family. My mother is blue and green,the only earth. Which distributes sweets and happiness on every birth. As there is a birth every two minutes, On Earth,the happy moments never finish….My father is “the heart touching nature” Which saves me from every […]


Shri Madha Bala Padasala, Tamilnadu Sun goes down Moon comes up Blue becomes grey No more rays World goes to rest Where is your nest? Wind might blow cold Earth may go chilled Wrap yourself well Let thoughts not to dwell Close your eyes and go to dreams Tomorrow will come with sun lit beams