Frequently Asked Questions


Who can register for SpellBee International’s SpellBee Intense Individual programme 2020-21?

Any student from any school, from Grade 1 to 12, across the world, can join this programme.

What is the mode of registration?

This is an online programme. Registration can be done online through the following link:https://spellbee.international

What is the registration fee?

The one-time, all-inclusive registration fee is 6000 INR (excluding optional courier charges) for entries from India and 90 USD for entries from other countries.

What are the payment modes available?

Our payment gateway accepts payments from all major debit and credit cards, Net Banking Wallets, Paytm, UPI and there are even EMI options available with various Credit cards.

Once registered, what will I get?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us with your SPIN ID for the year 2020-21 and your password, with which you can log in to your profile at https://login.spellbee.international to view your profile, exam date, introductory videos and time-to-time announcements from us.

2.Course details:

What would be the course content?

Our most beloved, revolutionary course content is based on our Strategic Language Enhancement (SLE) model and has been categorised into 15 rounds of fun and learning:
[Rounds 1 to 5 strengthen etymology, word associations and sentence structure]
Round 1 – Spell it Right (1000 Grade-specific Words with their Phonetic Symbols)
Round 2 – Word Analysis (Root words and their meanings with examples)
Round 3 – Inflections and Collocations (Word forms and Word formation)
Round 4 – Find the Correct Sentence
Round 5 – General Knowledge (Verbal Reasoning & Literary World)
[Rounds 6 to 9 build phonetic awareness and comprehension]
Round 6 – Words and Meanings (Grade-appropriate meanings of all 1000 words with pictures and other word forms)
Round 7 – Form the Correct Sentence
Round 8 – Phonetics
Round 9 – Reading Comprehension
[Rounds 10 to 12 encourage word usage and widens vocabulary]
Round 10 – Crossword
Round 11 – Word Weaving
Round 12 – Compound Words and Kinds/Types of Words
[Rounds 13 to 15 expand verbal ability and logical thinking]
Round 13 – Synonyms and Antonyms
Round 14 – Idioms, Phrases and Proverbs
Round 15 – Presenting an Argument

In what format will the course be?

Every Round shall have a round orientation video, a digital book (course material) and a lively multimedia video lecture to explain the course material.

Will I receive a hard copy of the books?

  • Though this programme is intended solely as a digital programme, you will also be provided with the hard copies of the books at an additional courier charge of Rs. 180 (if you are participating from India). However, we have limited stocks only and you can be assured of a minimum guarantee of only 60% of the books at this time; i.e. out of the 5 course books, you will be given a minimum of 3 books.

Would I be able to see a sample of this video coaching before I can register?

You most definitely can. Please click on the following link to go to our YouTube video with snippets from our video coaching by our national and international mentors.

Who are the national and international mentors who will be coaching us?

Will we get access to all 15 Rounds immediately?

  • A You will be given phased access to our 15 Rounds of the programme. In the beginning, you will have access to the first 5 Rounds. The rest of the Rounds will be released in a phased manner.


How will the exam be conducted?

It will be an Internet Based Exam (IBE) which you can attend from a desktop or laptop, straight from your individual homes. This exam is conducted in partnership with TCS iON.

When will the exam be conducted?

You can attend the International Level exam directly in the first week of March 2021.

Will be any other exams/tests in between?

You will have the option to attend Revision tests as and when you complete a particular module. These tests are only for revision and the scores of the same will have no bearing on your final score.